Compact System

It is the folding system invented by MORO Aratri. Available on request, not only it reduces the longitudinal encumbrance of the plough during transport, it also allows to significantly lighten the load on the tractor lift system.All locking and re-opening movements are automatic, without manual operations.

Folding Ploughs

Operating the hydraulic distributor of the tractor, the hydraulic jacks perform all movements. At the end of cycle, the hooks automatically take action to ensure the structural continuity and the perfect alignment of the frame. On the WARRIOR, the COMPACT SYSTEM requires no additional hydraulic valves, since it uses the same distributor of the hydraulic width adjustment.

Folding plough while transporting

The special coupling system at the end of the opening cycle is carried out with specific levers with backlash and adjustable limit switches. Even after intensive use, the coupling accuracy is not compromised. The whole system is assembled with bolts and, in case of need, the disassembly of the parts does not require demanding operations.

The movements of the COMPACT SYSTEM take place within a mono-block of steel, connected by pins and bushings with a special anti-wear treatment. Coupling of elements to the frame are made by bolts with 10.9 class, avoiding welded joints.