Our History 

The company’s headquarter is located in Fontanella, in the province of Bergamo, a town situated in  one of the most important territory for agricultural and industrial tradition: The Lombardy region.

For over fifty years, the soul of the company is one of the oldest tool used by man : the plough.

Established November 5th, 1957, by the family Moro, MORO Aratri is a modern enterprise which developed knowledge, unique technical skills and specific technologies in the engineering field applied to agriculture. However, the governance has internalized the family business values transmitted by the founders.

1960 - MORO Aratri field test 

1970 - 3 Furrow plough

The source of our knowledge 

Over the years, the company has been able to innovate its product, trying to meet the needs of the Italian agricultural sector, which is characterized by an heterogenous demand. In fact, both the land configuration and the extraordinary variety of the Italian agricultural products require ploughs with unique features, ranging from light operations for the rice fields to 1 meter depth ploughing. 

1960 - Non reversible 3 furrow plough

1960 - MORO brothers

The Markets

The experience gained on the field, in over half a century of history, allows MORO Aratri to penetrate foreign markets decisively, to convincingly contribute to the evolution of agricultural techniques  and to meet the needs of the modern farmer. 15 are now the Countries where our products are currently acknowledged and requested. 

The Present

The production, notwithstanding it makes use of modern CNC machine centers and robotic system, is harmonized with the important guidance of the human factor. This context allows to obtain high accuracy and quality standards. Research, production and engineering work closely with the marketing and sales, since the aim is the customer satisfaction. Due to its skills in soil tillage, the company has expanded its product portfolio adding a subsoiler line to its historical production of ploughs, which reflect the Moro Aratri philosophy and modus operandi: raw materials of excellence, sturdiness, maximum reliability, adaptability to specific needs and attention to details. 

The Future

MORO Aratri is characterized not only by indissoluble bond with the family of the founders, but also by activities which remain faithful to the original industry. Such prerogative is considered a sign of high professionalism, attention to the core business and a considerable ability to adapt to changes. Prepared to face the third millennium and interpreting the teachings inherited, the company is ready to take the opportunities of the modern world, perpetuating the family history.

MORO Aratri - Headquarter 

MORO Aratri - Corporate video