Transport System

The working and transport system for ploughs which definitively resolves the problem of road safety. Movements from working to transport position and vice versa, are hydraulically actuated. Due to the unique steering head, during transport the ploughs acts like a tractor-trailer.

Designed and built by MORO Aratri,  TRANSPORT SYSTEM is highly regarded for its exceptional functionality. Easy road transport, safety and quick conversion from working to transport position, are the characteristics that make this system unique.

Tested by many farmers TRANSPORT SYSTEM is not just a trailing system, but a real working tool that allows you to carry and use the plough at your best. It is provided with the MORO Aratri special steering head.

TRANSPORT SYSTEM is available both hydraulic or mechanical. 

Transport System - Transport position

Focus on the Transport System while transporting 

Focus on the Transport System while working